Teaching Philosophy

Master composer Claude Debussy once said, “Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.” Learning the rules of music literacy, technical proficiency, and music theory are important ingredients in my teaching curriculum, but only as a means of developing a unique, individual voice, a medium of artistic self-expression. My students self-select the majority of their repertoire from any genre that excites them, and we learn it together by ear and with written musical notation. For most of a typical lesson we will be playing piano together, and extrapolating from the music the foundations of theory, history, composition, and improvisation. The goal is not to perform repertoire by rote, but rather to foster a more comprehensive understanding of the inner-workings of your favorite songs!

My overarching goal and prioirty is to prepare my students to play and perform in groups. While solo expression is of course inherently beautiful and important, for me the greatest joy in music is connecting with others. Playing music with peers fosters deep social connections, improves self-confidence, teaches leadership skills, motivates students to practice, encourages focus and discipline, and makes learning music most enjoyable. The ability to play music in a group setting is a skill that my students can cherish for the rest of their lives, as their fluency in this universal language helps them form lifelong friendships, connect with people of any culture, and engage in collective creative expression.


Lessons at your home or at my studio (near AU/Tenleytown)

$80 for one hour

$70 for forty-five minutes

$60 for thirty minutes

Student/Reduced rate available!

24-hour cancellation policy